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What clients have to say

Chris here.

Are you ready to step into the next chapter of your business growth?

That is exactly why I created this program for you!

Here's what I know:

You're heart centered and want to tap into making more of an impact in this world.

Your business is growing but you know it can scale more effectively without chasing new clients.

You love your work and your clients, but you desire much more.

More reach, more connections, more free time, more impact!

You’re most likely tired of running around chasing your next client, and implementing the latest marketing tools because you think you have to in order to stay relevant.

Every day it feels like there’s some new system you “must” be using.

No wonder we all feel so overwhelmed.

Fear of missing out is real, so we spread ourselves too thin trying new things.

And because none of us can do it all, we end up doing too many things halfway.

The fact is less is more!

Even the influencers we follow and try to implement ideas from know it. 

And despite what we hear, most of us don’t want to be the next influencer. 

Because the truth is, we want to build stronger more intimate relationships.  

We can’t attempt to replicate what influencers do because there’s something unique about them.

Not very many people can be an influencer - let's be real most of them do more in a day than any of us do in a week.

They have support systems to help them with all their work.

And I’m ok with that!

I don’t want to do more work… I want to do less!

And you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking for a way to do less either.

I’m here to share with you not only is it possible to make a greater impact and more money by doing less. 

It’s far more rewarding because you’ll have free time to enjoy your life while making a bigger impact in this world!

I’m so grateful to be in a place where I left the corporate grind to help people.

It wasn’t the easiest of transitions though.

Going from a steady paycheck to the unknowns of entrepreneurship. As you can imagine there have been a few learning experiences, heartbreaks, and pivots to make everything work.

Between the partnerships, side hustles, consulting opportunities, affiliate programs… it took well over 5 new versions of myself to begin to “see a light in the tunnel”.

It was when the world shifted in 2020, and I began testing different ideas. That it all clicked my past experience of building communities was where my future calling resided.

So I began doing challenges that were building community and making an impact on the lives of those who attended.

And because every single one of those lives was the opportunity to show them I cared. It was a path I was willing to become a master in and help others master also.

I was determined to be able to give others a chance to make a similar impact and to see others win in their lives.

And for you this is a chance to step up and commit on your future.

We’ve all got obstacles. Trust me, I understand that.

I was called "beanbag" growing up.

Then I blew my knee out playing my favorite sport - hockey.

(Little did I know how significant that moment was) 

When I was told by the DR's I would never play hockey again.

It left me with a sting.. but it also guided me to a community!

My rehab was to ride a bike and as time went on that turned into racing mountain bikes. 

This turned out to be the BEST thing ever in life... as I finally found my community or as cyclists call it- Peloton!

And now, here I stand before you with a growing business, amazing mission-driven clients, an awesome wife, beautiful family and a deep desire to serve others in life.

Zig Ziglar said is best.... "You can get everything you want in life by helping as many others get what they want".

And that is exactly why, I believe you can make your dreams a reality, with a little help from me.

But in order to reach your dreams, you gotta fix what’s holding you back..

And that is exactly why I created this program for you!

This process is simple to follow and it has transformed my life, my business and my relationships. 

And that of many others. 

Now I want to help you do the same!

Let's Make An Impact TOGETHER!

Inside This Done With You Program:

We build thriving communities for missions that matter. With a proven framework to run successful challenges that grow your community, keeps your audience engaged, and becomes a funnel for your brand.

9 Months Of Weekly "Ask Me Anything" Sessions

2 Personal 1 On 1 Sessions

(technically 3.. see the BIG BONUS later on page!!)

Private Coaching Community For Subject Matter Experts

A Whole Lot More Keep Reading!


A private coaching community for subject matter experts, thought leaders, coaches and anyone who has an audience around their brand or specific topic. I will personally teach you how to implement a framework that grows your community, keeps your audience engaged, and becomes a funnel for your brand. This program is for serious impact-driven, servant centered folks who want to scale their community, and transform the lives of their ideal customer.


This is a 9 month program to build out a stable structure


As an athlete, I know the importance of setting up a foundation that can handle growth.

In this phase, we first review your offer to the marketplace. Then begin to develop end-to-end systems to support your growth.

During this phase you are provided with a step-by-step roadmap to follow.

This framework shows you how to master attracting, engaging, nurture and converting your ideal client.

We create a powerful vision for your community and build out the roadmap of launching and scaling with challenges. 


This is where you'll begin execution on the systems put in place while building your foundation.

You'll implement a 100 Day Action Plan that will help you scale with practical, measurable, and goal focused actions.

You'll begin going into action mode leveraging

The Challenge Champion Playbook.

This is the step-by-step process to launch and grow a 5-6 figure+ new revenue stream.

During this phase, you will gain an understanding of where you stand in the marketplace. And what actions need to be taken to scale efficiently.


As your community scales, so does revenue.

You are seeing consistent challenge results.

This is where you have learned your position in the marketplace. And what areas need to be modified to scale to the next level.

You'll now structure your 18 Month Action Plan based off your learnings from your first 100 day plan.

You are now in a position to move forward stronger with a solid base foundation in place. And a predictable flow of new clients!


Champions hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE .

From Day 1 of joining this program. We hold each member of the community accountable.

We are all serving the mission of this program.

Which is to bring together innovative subject matter experts who have servant's hearts and motivation to transform lives and scale the unique impact they can offer the world.

To hold each other accountable in implementing the challenge framework being taught in the community via weekly live sessions & ongoing video content.

So that we can attract and nurture our ideal clients and create new 5-6+ figure recurring revenue streams



After spending 25 years as a sales leader & contributing to launching two startups that exceeded $100M in sales in under 3 years. Building a private community of CEO's & entrepreneurs. Along with helping launch a community that generated $1B in sales in under 5 years. I went all in on entrepreneurship in 2017 and have the answers you seek to building communities. Along with plenty battle scars to share from the journey!


This program is for those with a servant's heart who believe that growing a trusted community is the way to grow exponentially. Those that know the most impactful way to build trust with their audience is through a community. And those who want to learn a proven framework to implement as a strategy that grows their community. Will keep their existing audience engaged, and becomes a funnel for their brand. The ideal participant is mission-driven, focused, disciplined, accountable, willing to share success with others, and will not give up until they achieve their mission!


  • 9 Month Program

  • ​2 Personal 1 On 1 Sessions (well technically 3.. see the BIG BONUS below!!)

  • 4 Monthly Live "Ask Me Anything" Group Sessions

  • ​Monthly Relevant Subject Matter Expert Guest Speaker

  • The Challenge Champion 7 Step Challenge Framework 

  • 9 Month Access To The Thriving Community Accelerator Private Community  


  • Community Platform To Build Your Community.

  • ​Community Hub For Your Challenges.

  • Community Cohort For Inspiration, On Going Live Support, Accountability, Collaboration.

  • ​Become A Content Creator For Our Community Of #MissionsThatMatter.

  • The Community Vault Of All Recordings & Regularly Updated Content To Equip You With Community Design & All Components Of The Challenge Design & Launch Framework.

  • The Challenge Champion

    7 Step Challenge Framework Includes

  • Regularly updated content to teach you Community Design, Challenge Design, Challenge Launch Strategies with NO Ads, Email Templates, Social Media Templates, Landing Page Templates, LinkedIn Event Strategies for Launching, Scaling your Challenges & Community from Emerging to Growing to Scaling to AUTHORITY!  


    90 Minute Challenge Design Session

    BONUS gift worth $2,495

    Your first WIN out of the gate! This will not be a standard offer in the program, however if you are seeing this- CONGRATS! I will review your offer and design your challenge jointly with you. This will include the name, the target marketing messaging strategy, the day to day content flow, and all tasks to implement. Along with outlining an ORGANIC challenge launch plan. You will still have access to our entire 6 month program. However, this offer will get you off to a fast start!

    High Converting Funnel Templates

    BONUS gift worth $2,500+

    I have spent thousands on templates over the last year. And this is my personal collection of the ones that convert the highest. All you need to do is copy and paste the framework. Then tweak to your branding. This includes the pages, checkouts, emails, everything you need is in place. 

    (You will get access to the system I use for FREE, however, you can also move these templates to your system)

    Movement Marketing Academy

    BONUS gift worth $2,555

    This is the signature program that includes all the step-by-step systems to implement. This has helped the confused newbie to the scaling and profit-producing Challenge Champion. You will learn the keys to build your challenge revenue from 5 to 6 figures+. This is all the essentials you need with NO BS!!! So you can launch in the fastest time possible. 

    Pay As You Win Program

    25% Upfront With 75% Paid As Results Are Obtained

    If you want to go to the next level of impact, fulfillment, and abundance... the most efficient and funnest path I know of is building community with challenges. This is why the program is structured as Pay As You Win. Hit "Book Time With Chris" to see if this program makes sense for you. 


    This is a 9 Month Program with a Pay As You Win Structure

    Grow Your Community

    Those who build a trusted community grow exponentially and make a greater impact in this world. Together we will implement your community growth strategy.

    Engage Your Audience

    As a mission-driven leader or brand, who really cares about your audience. One of the most important things you can do is to get people engaged with your content early on. Together we will implement your engagement strategy.

    Nurture With Challenges

    To build a strong relationship with your audience, you must have a system in place. We will build the funnel for your brand with challenges. Which will nurture audience and put you in a position of trust & authority with your audience.

    What To Expect:

    The Keys To A Predictable Flow Of New Clients

    The Thriving Community Accelerator is your path to a predictable 5-6 figure+ revenue stream using challenges. This program includes everything you need on how to grow, engage and nurture your ideal clients by building community with challenges.

    What a few more clients have to say

    Hi, I'm Chris Colt,

    The Challenge Champion

    I’m here to raise the bar for building thriving communities for missions that matter.

    With more than 25 years of experience as a sales leader turned entrepreneur, I build thriving communities for impact-driven subject matter experts looking to create a scalable community while creating a recurring revenue stream.

    As a digital entrepreneur, social media content creator, husband, dad, endurance cycling junkie, avid fly fisher, skier, biohacker, and super-connector.

    I love guiding others to thrive in life!

    The athlete inside me knows that thriving comes from processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success.

    And there is nothing more rewarding than seeing those I work with thrive in the communities they build.

    Here’s my guarantee

    We are in this together.

    And you will come out of this program with a skillset and framework you can implement for exponential growth. As a cyclist, I know the power of gaining new skills and a framework to move forward faster together. This program is hand-ons and I take my clients success seriously.

    Because, I know when they succeed.

    The impact on the lives transformed are everlasting!

    Your next step before is to book time on my calendar below.

    And we can discuss, how this proven framework can be implemented as a strategy that grows your community, keeps your existing audience engaged, and becomes a funnel for your brand.

    Sound fair?


    Book Time With Chris

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